Music's Past & Future: Talking with Michael Pelczynski

Music's Past & Future: Talking with Michael Pelczynski
Photo by Finde Zukunft / Unsplash


I had a great hour+ chat with Chris Dalla Riva

"During his time at SoundCloud, Michael Pelczynski helped conceive of a new way to pay artists. Now, he is looking for more ways to improve the music industry."

We dove in on streaming, fair pay, artificial intelligence, my front-row seat view of music's downfall (and rise) 20 years ago and the benefit of music tech hiring musicians (with many hats).

Chris is the author of Can't Get Much Higher newsletter, researcher/author of papers like the recent ‘Glocalisation’ of Music Streaming within and across Europe (co-authored with mutual friend Will Page), a senior product manager at Audiomack and an avid musician/songwriter himself (ie many hats).

These make for great conversations. Take a dive below.

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