The Future of Superfans

The Future of Superfans
Photo by Cullan Smith / Unsplash

This is the power of user-centric.

I've been working on the #Superfan proposition, at the intersection of streaming, for over five years.

My vision was simple. The lift was complex.

Change how you pay, you change the outcome and data to more closely align with fandom (ie an individual's natural behaviors).

You change the game.

This paper is a testament to that.

Having closely worked with Will Page on this effort, I'm elated that it is finally seeing the light of day.

Dive in, you won't regret it. I expect this to be 'the artifact' of the streaming debates going forward (right next to MIDiA's excellent paper).

Massive love and respect to those that were involved and especially those in the trenches to make this happen alongside Will, namely:

Lucinda Viljoen, Matt Jong, David Turner and John Atzberger.

[LINK] SoundCloud Rockconomics