ICYMI: Music Tectonics Podcast Episode

ICYMI: Music Tectonics Podcast Episode
Photo by Hannah Rodrigo / Unsplash

Reward-based fandoms are the future of artist-to-fan engagement.

Dive into this chat with Music Tectonics very own Dmitri Vietze and Tristra Yeager with guest appearances by Dot Cromwell, Moises, Session and everyone's favorite topic #fraud.

Unlike other talks on the above, I cover more of the history and foundational work in architecting #FPR and its vital intersection with the #Fans tool which enables artists to identify their keenest fans and message them directly – launched this past May:

“When the economic model cuts these cohorts [of fans] into their own scenes, rooms, that’s when the model really flies. That data, let alone the royalties, becomes even more valuable,” SoundCloud’s VP strategy Michael Pelczynski told the NY:LON conference in January. “That knowledge, or that data of you as a fan, is also incredibly valuable. The model needs to build a commercial opportunity on top of itself.”

Since day one, I envisioned the two as a pair -- in not only reshaping the streaming economy but also evolving it *into* a new music economy: a fan economy.

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