Hot Topic: Streaming Models

Hot Topic: Streaming Models
Photo by Aziz Jus / Unsplash

Recently had the opportunity to speak at NY:LON Connect 2023 alongside Alison Wenham, Daniel Johansson and David Safir on how alternative streaming models could reshape the music industry.

Alison Wenham, Daniel Johansson, Michael Pelczynski, David Safir @ NY:LON Connect 2023

Panelist experts brought much welcomed debate as well as healthy acknowledgement in how SoundCloud is already reshaping said commercial bedrocks with a new model in the market for nearly 2 years.

“We’ve changed the incentives,” he continued, referring to SoundCloud’s fan-powered model. “Now all of a sudden, the value is fans, less so scale.”

We also touched on developments in staging a true fan economy, built on top of streaming engagement – specifically, why the foundational 'fan-powered' reset means so much more than just a remuneration model (full article link below).

The model needs to build a commercial opportunity on top of itself. If we’re only talking about [streaming royalties] remuneration, we’re literally short-changing our commercial ambitions for the business and for the artists.”