Hot Topic: Streaming Models

Alison Wenham, Daniel Johansson, Michael Pelczynski, David Safir @ NY:LON Connect 2023

Recently had the opportunity to speak at NY:LON Connect 2023 alongside Alison Wenham, Daniel Johansson and David Safir on how alternative streaming models could reshape the music industry.

Panelist experts brought much welcomed debate as well as healthy acknowledgement in how SoundCloud is already reshaping said commercial bedrocks with a new model in the market for nearly 2 years.

“We’ve changed the incentives,” he continued, referring to SoundCloud’s fan-powered model. “Now all of a sudden, the value is fans, less so scale.”

We also touched on developments in staging a true fan economy, built on top of streaming engagement – specifically, why the foundational 'fan-powered' reset means so much more than just a remuneration model (full article link below).

The model needs to build a commercial opportunity on top of itself. If we’re only talking about [streaming royalties] remuneration, we’re literally short-changing our commercial ambitions for the business and for the artists.”